What Is The Text Talking About

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What Is The Text Talking About


Read the text and asnwer the following question!

It happened on Sunday morning a few days ago. When I was about to have my routine cup of coffee along with a bagel, I realized that I did not have any bread at all. I have to admit that I am unable to enjoy coffee without some kind of baked goods.

Then I decided to run out to buy something, but all the stores were closed, but one. That store did not have any fresh pastries, and I ended up buying four slices of wheat bread. I was frustrated for two reasons: firstly, I couldn’t enjoy drinking my coffee on Sunday morning; and secondly, the sales woman charged me $3.00 for four slices of bread!

Next, I returned to the building where I live on the tenth floor, stepped into the elevator, pushed the button, and got out. When I reached my apartment and tried to unlock the door, I could not turn the key. I made a few attempts without success. I started banging on the door hoping to wake up my daughter. I was not successful at that either.

I can’t explain how it crossed my mind to check the number of the apartment. The apartment number was correct, except for the first digit: the apartment was on the ninth floor, but the tenth. I was shocked to realize that I had been banging on somebody else’s door.

I still muse over what might have happened if somebody had opened the door and what he or she would have said to me at 8:00 am on Sunday morning.

What is the text talking about?



Jawaban yang tepat adalah: The text is about the writer’s bad experience in a Sunday morning.



Soal ini menanyakan tentang apakah teks tersebut.

Secara keseluruhan, teks tersebut bercerita tentang pengalaman buruk yang dialami si penulis pada suatu Minggu pagi. Pada paragraf 1 si penulis kehabisan roti, sehingga tidak bisa menikmati kopinya.

Pada paragraf 2 si penulis menemukan semua toko roti tutup kecuali satu toko di mana dia harus membayar 3 Dolar untuk empat potong roti. Pada paragraf 3 dan 4 si penulis tidak dapat membuka pintu apartemen yang ternyata bukan apartemennya.

Oleh karena itu, jawaban yang tepat adalah: The text is about the writer’s bad experience in a Sunday morning.

Demikian jawaban dari latihan soal What Is The Text Talking About. Semoga dapat membantu kamu. Bagi kamu yang merasa membutuhkan les privat sbmptn secara daring bisa mencoba aplikasi Ruangguru.com.

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